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Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Preserving Sierra Leone’s Wildlife since 1995
Located just on the outskirts of Freetown, in the Western Area Peninsula National Park, Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary was founded in 1995 by conservationist Bala Amarasekaran and his wife Sharmila. Initially established to enforce wildlife laws and rescue and rehabilitate orphaned chimpanzees, Tacugama has grown into a diverse conservation organization.

Caring for close to 100 chimpanzees on-site, Tacugama is also actively engaged offsite in community outreach, wildlife field research, environmental sustainability, conservation education and alternative livelihoods programs.

Tacugama is also an eco-tourism hub for Freetown – home to 6 eco-lodges, and a variety of activities for both tourists and Freetowners alike to participate in.

Banana Island

Banana Island is drifting on the Atlantic Ocean. It is made of three small Islands, one of which is uninhabited. Banana Island is known for its historic importance for Sierra Leone’s heritage. This Island was one of the Atlantic posts used for the transshipment of slaves to the Americas. Evidence abound linking the Island to the Slave Trade are visible on the Island. The Island continues to attract both local and internationals for various reasons. If you are interested in Sierra Leone’s slave trade history, then, you have a place to visit. Looking for water sport activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, game fishing, whale sightseeing, then, you have a place to go. From Kent beach, it takes just 40 minutes on a boat to get across, and from Freetown, up to 1,5 hours boat ride could get you there. There is a small group of Islanders living there. Besides, there are two tourist hosting establishments on the Island.

Bunce Island

Another inland Island, few kilometers away from the capital, and where you could be easily transported within an hour or so with the rising tide from the ocean, which meanders its way through the Rokel River. This Island has come to be representative of the commercialization of Africans during the slave trade. Though left with the crumbling walls of the enormous slave fortress, rusted cannons and inaccessible dungeons built to house the slaves; these structures will give you a sense of the immense depravation the Africans were subjected to by the British slavers. Bunce Island history is entrenched in Sierra Leone’s national identity and heritage as it stands to be an attraction for both locals and internationals. Between 1750-1800, Bunce Island was one of the most important slave posts in West Africa. Most specifically renowned for was for skilled and strong Africans who mastered rice cultivation. It was very common to see European ships that sailed around in search for these set of Africans. Already in the 17 century, the Roya African Company had established on the Island. Today, the Island is a famous tourist destination.

Old Fourah Bay College is probably Freetown’s most famous institution , it is the oldest university in West Africa. In it’s former splendor, Sierra Leone became known as the “Athens of West Africa” as scholars from all over Africa would travel to Sierra Leone to further their education. Samuel Adjai Crowther, the college’s first student, later becomes the first home-grown Bishop of West Africa.